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Discount GEICO Discount GEICO

Discount GEICO

GEICO Insurance offers a discount for Berkshire owners and employees. This may be you!

If you own Berkshire Hathaway Stock, either the A or low-cost B shares, you own the parent company of GEICO. GEICO extends a 8-10% discount to shareholding owners. I verified this in 2019 with a call to GEICO customer service during my annual insurance coverage review. The agent confirmed such a discount but noted I was already receiving a professional affiliation discount in the same category and could not double dip discounts. Be prepared to provide documentation such as a statement from your brokerage, 401K, IRA, or whatever. Most large-cap index funds do hold BRK.A or BRK.B therefore making many index investors also GEICO owners. Provide documentation of your funds holding. GEICO (800) 207-7847. App or email contact may be faster during virus season.

Berkshire Hathaway holds many, many companies from See's Candies to Net Jets.  Many offer shareholder discounts either year-round or near the annual shareholder meeting.  GEICO Insurance policies are the one common significant expenses to most US households where 8-10% is worth the hassle.  Trying to save money on candy? Don't buy candy.  Automotive liability insurance, however, may be required by state law.